Family-focused sports school

The Branding

Brand Personality

From the start the OMaaS team could tell Snow Family and its founder were all about 3 things: fun, family and sports. We made sure to communicate that brand personality throughout the website and social media.


The Swiss sports school has developed a strong brand identity. We took cues from their guidelines and applied the same spirit and values throughout the website pages and features.


Arial Black


Snow Family wanted to give a modern, crisp and easily-readable feel to the website. Arial is the perfect typeface for this and its rounded shapes suggest a soft playful character much like the Snow Family brand personality element of fun. We used Arial Black and Arial.

Color Scheme

Snow Family uses a bright turquoise that  evoques ice and snow. We added bright green to the palette to refer to summer outdoor sports since Snow Family is a year-round sports school.

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