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Pia from The Rock Shop Verbier knows that times have changed and she needs to adapt in order to keep customers engaged and to attract new customers. She came to OMaaS Digital for big change and support in going digital.

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The Branding

Brand Personality

From speaking with Pia, the OMaaS team could immediately tell the high standard required of any brand that would be so lucky to feature in The Rock Shop. The OMaaS team worked to reflect the shop's style and high standards through to the website.


The Rock Shop's traditional logo reflects it's long-standing reputation. Created over 25 years ago and well recognised by  Pia's clients, the OMaaS team chose to keep the authentic feel.


Linotype Didot


To mix modern with classic the same way Pia does with her styling choices, we used a primarily Lulo Clean (modern) and Linotype Didot (traditional).

Color Scheme

To stay true to the brand's key value of luxury and to reflect Pia's favourite colors (navy blue and white) we used a gold and navy blue with a lot of white space.

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